The Truth about Apples

applequeApples are a readily available fruit that are commonly purchased and consumed in families across the world. You can go to pretty much any supermarket and pick up a dozen apples. We know that apples taste good and work well with our everyday meal habits, but here are a few little tidbits you may or may not have known about apples.

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There has been evidence supporting the claim that apples help prevent some types of cancer, notably lung cancer, where a report cited the consumption of an apple a day greatly reduced your risk of developing it. Other benefits listed are: weight loss, softening of existing gallstones, diabetes, scurvy, warts, diarrhea and even constipation.

A common medium sized apple contains approximately 95 calories.

Apples are a safe meal that most people can eat without incident. However apple seeds should NOT be consumed. The seeds actually contain a small amount of cyanide, and in at least one case when a would-be consumer ate a cup of apple seeds he actually died.